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About us

Core purpose

Empower all to bring peace of nature and sustainability into daily business. This is our DNA, it is at the heart of everything we do. We want to build a sustainable company where every team member is valued and can fulfill their own ambitions. We want to help our customers to find a key to running their business in a more environmentally friendly way. We want our products would be proof of sustainability and a tool for building a great future.

Our values

High standards

Achieving high performance and excellent results. Here at Isole we set ourselves ambitious targets and do our all to achieve them. We stand beside our customers in the search and creation of perfect quality, ecological, and user-friendly products. We are passionate about what we are.

Honesty and Integrity

Good work relationships are built on trust, moral and ethical behavior. We seek to have it not only in our team but also we stive for improvements and perfect quality to have trustful cooperation with our customers.

Positive attitude

We define it as a positive outlook and enthusiasm, doing things that inspire others to do the same. This also includes being respectful to everyone all the time.

We are more than happy to help you with

  • Sew exclusive business gifts with your logo or promotional items (table cloths, table runners, bedding sets, napkins, pillows, etc.)
  • Looking to buy exclusive fabrics for your clothes, home textiles.
  • Searching for linen fabrics wholesaler.
  • Looking for printing on natural linen.
  • Hotel linens.
  • Wish to sell our fabrics.
  • Or any other unique ideas for your projects.

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